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So I Made a Thing October 11, 2015

Posted by Sobek in News.

I started it last May, but I couldn’t work on it this summer because of travel, so this was maybe three months.

A Thing

A Thing


1. Sheridan Johnson - October 11, 2015

Beautiful! πŸ™‚

2. Jimbro - October 12, 2015

Thanks for sharing!

3. Mark in NJ - October 12, 2015

Hey Sobek – very nice β€œThing” – I like the contrast between the birds/bundled sticks and the more formal geometry.

Just curious – what are the dimensions?

4. skinbad - October 12, 2015

Very nice. The middle ring makes me think of “Super Bowl XXVIIXXVVVIIXXXXIIIVVVIIIXXXXXXIIXIXIIVV . . . .”

5. geoff - October 12, 2015

…which will undoubtedly be lost by the Denver Broncos in a rout.

6. Piercello - October 12, 2015


Do you do corn mazes?

(very nice work)

7. OBF - October 12, 2015

Denver Bronco’s are going to get beat by the Baltimore Orioles? Who would have known?

8. Sobek - October 12, 2015

Mark, it’s 16 inches across.

Skinny, heh.

Geoff, it’s funny because it’s true.

Piercello, that’s an awesome idea. I will now.

9. lauraw - October 12, 2015

Very nice overall. The rendering of the birds looks undercooked somehow, or maybe it lacks confidence. Seems to need a bit of backbone, there.

Is there any particular rhythm or language present, in the inner wreath?

10. Sobek - October 13, 2015

No, just what you said: rhythm. I needed the right density.

11. lauraw - October 13, 2015

Well, it’s very nicely balanced.

12. daveintexas - October 15, 2015


13. geoff - October 15, 2015

…they turned me into a newt.

14. Sobek - November 25, 2015

Hey, my thing was accepted for auction at the local art museum!

15. lauraw - November 26, 2015


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