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Friday Ruminations on the Liberal Strategy of Avoiding Problems by Having Nothing October 16, 2015

Posted by geoff in News.

When I was a young man in Boston, it was common among car-owners to leave their doors unlocked. Their sound systems were long-since stolen, their cars were kind of junky, and they had nothing else of value inside. So if a thief wanted any of the scraps that were left, she was welcome to them, so long as she didn’t break the window of the car.

This strategy, forgoing security and comfort to rescue a lowest common denominator lifestyle, seems to have permeated a lot of our foreign and domestic policy. Now that our borders (and Europe’s) are being left unlocked, we can expect a significant degradation in the middle class lifestyle. Eventually we’ll reach a state where there are no advantages to coming to the United States. We’ll have joined the other countries with tepid economies and living conditions, our security ensured because we have nothing left taking.

I’m not sure how conscious this strategy is, but you can see it manifested in many aspects of the progressive movement:

  • Gun Control: Don’t try to defend yourself, just be passive and let the government take care of it. [Eventually.]
  • Environment/Climate Change: Don’t own things and don’t consume things. Or drive. Or fly.
  • Destroying Suburbs: Owning property is bad. Having nicer living conditions than urbanites is bad. And racist.
  • Social Services: Living better than others is bad. If we all had the same quality of life, all problems would be solved. No more crime, or drugs, or poverty, or…
  • Income Inequality: Making more than others is evil and bad.

And so on. Everything is driving towards security-through-minimal-living. A Rawlsian minimum instead of a Rawlsian optimum (see earlier posts on John Rawls stupid philosophy). Which is a lot like socialism, but without socialism’s false promise of “everybody can have a lot if we just share.” Modern liberalism is much more realistic, promising that in their utopia we can all sit in mud and bang rocks in harmony, unity, and equality.

So long as we never use those rocks to defend ourselves, of course.


1. Retired Geezer - October 16, 2015

Good one, geoff.
The first paragraph sets it up nicely.

2. Sobek - October 16, 2015

Huh. Interesting.

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