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When It Comes to Illegal Kids, Teachers Suck Up the Extra Work With Nary a Complaint October 21, 2015

Posted by geoff in News.

In a nation where teachers are constantly complaining about inadequate resources, excessive classroom sizes, and unmanageable workloads, it’s interesting to me that there is no backlash over adding a huge complication to their lives. That complication comes in the form of 62-page memo that tells them how to deal with students who have illegally immigrated.

Teachers protest all the time over their pay, their workload, and teacher effectiveness evaluations. You’d think that dumping a number of kids requiring cultural and language accommodations as well as possible complicated family/home environment situations would aggravate their concerns.

But something tells me that not a peep will be heard.


1. Cathy - October 21, 2015

Hey. If I were a teacher and got this memo, I’m not sure I’d wanna be the first out of the starting gate to complain. I know a bunch of teachers. Good teachers. GREAT teachers. But they work in teams and have mentoring relationships with each other — and they don’t get to pick with whom they associate. They have students with big ears and parents who listen to their kids reiterate what their kids tell them the teacher said in school that day — and things in kids’ heads can spin out of control. Just look at clock-boy for an example. Sheesh!

Just as the patriotic present day Tea Party has brought into the limelight many cogent issues that have NOTHING to do with RACE and yet we are called racists, bigots, and dangerous or extreme radicals — so also our teachers are gonna be painted with negative labels if they utter a word about ILLEGAL immigrant students.

AND… the teachers I know don’t complain about resources. They are not advocates of the unions. They spend plenty of time at home after school hours grading homework, doing lesson plans, and even buying their own classroom supplies to supplement for the sorry-ass educational system they are dealing with. Just look at the average school system’s budget. Lots of money now goes to administrator’s salaries and school psychologists and crap, and NOT on materials that actually help TEACH KIDS!!!

I’d say “don’t get me started” but maybe you already did that…

2. geoff - October 21, 2015

Teachers who aren’t fond of the unions are definitely not the targets of my snarky post.

Cathy - October 21, 2015

^^ Hey, I know Geoff. Hugs.

3. lauraw - October 21, 2015

I wish those kids were all going to Chicago, Honolulu, Beverly Hills…whatever the capital of Vermont is (I kid, I kid, I know it’s Montevideo)…but of course no. They’re coming to a town near you. Because, numbers. Numbers are the future. Democrats need numbers. Because they’ve been aborting their own for forty years.

4. digitalbrownshirt - October 24, 2015

I had a couple of school teachers in my Sunday school class. They weren’t happy. They also weren’t complaining to anybody that could do anything about it. Their union doesn’t represent them at all, but they can’t afford to go against them.

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