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A Military in Liberal Hands October 30, 2015

Posted by geoff in News.

President Obama, addressing the UN General Assembly (9/28/2015):

I lead the strongest military that the world has ever known.

The Heritage Foundation 2016 Index of Military Strength (10/28/2015):

All four branches of the military face severe readiness, capability, or capacity challenges. Three of the services were rated as “marginal” in their ability to contribute adequate combat power. The Army fared worse, earning a “weak” rating overall. Both Army and Marine Corps earned poor “capacity” scores, meeting only 64 percent of their manpower needs. The Navy and Air Force were rated as “marginal” due primarily to inadequate modernization and equipment replacement programs.

Hmmmmmm . . . either things went south in one short month, or the president is clueless about all matters military. Which could it be, I wonder?


1. geoff - October 31, 2015

From Andrew Malcolm, writing at Investor’s Business Daily:

Pretty much everyone — even ex-state senator Barack Obama — says a president has no greater responsibility than national defense, protecting the homeland, its people and interests abroad. So why isn’t he?

Americans have learned over time and especially since 2009 that what an administration says are its priorities and goals may be mere words.

A variety of domestic fiscal and political forces have combined over time with doubtful assumptions, wishful evaluations and lazy rationalizations to downgrade across the board the military capabilities of the country’s all-volunteer forces in size, equipment and reach.

No wonder the world’s dark sides, including Russia, China, ISIS and North Korea, take advantage of that voluntary vacuum to escalate their own rise. The U.S. can no longer handle a variety of global threats, even if the current president had the will to do so.

He has a lot of examples of cuts at his article.

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