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Bernie vs. The Golden Goose November 5, 2015

Posted by geoff in News.

Classical socialist perspective, as encapsulated by Bernie Sanders:

‘To me, what democratic socialism is about is to maintain the strong entrepreneurial spirit that we have in this country,” the Democrat presidential hopeful told the Wall Street Journal. “To continue to produce wealth, but to make sure it is more equitably distributed than is currently the case.”

Socialist: Wow, you capitalists have sure made a lot of money! Give it to me so that I can make everybody happy!

Capitalist: Well first of all, we’re the ones who earned it, so your plan isn’t very attractive to us. And second of all, if you do this on a routine basis, you’ll kill the system that is generating all this money.

Socialist: Naaawwwww . . . I’m sure you guys will work just as hard for less reward, right? When you see the happy faces of those who are living off your money while doing nothing?

Capitalist: Errrr . . . Not so much, actually.


1. lauraw - November 6, 2015

Kick that goose! Kick it until it lays more eggs! Keep kicking it! I think it’s getting tired! Any minute now!

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