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Honesty Measurements for 12 Countries November 15, 2015

Posted by geoff in News.

Which countries are the most honest? Well it apparently depends on how their honesty is tested. If, for example, you are told that reporting “heads” on a coin toss will be rewarded with cash, countries stack up like this:


Which either proves that the Asian countries are less honest or that they don’t understand statistics. Or maybe they’re just fans of Waiting for Godot.

But if you test honesty not by greed but by intellectual integrity, you get a completely different result. In this test, respondents were asked 6 tough musical questions that could probably not be answered with using the internet, but they were asked to answer the questions on their own. Participants who did unrealistically well probably cheated. Here’s what happened:


Which either shows that Asian countries (minus Japan) and Turkey are dishonest, or that Japan and the Western countries suck at Googling, or that Asian countries (minus Japan) and Turkey have no lives, and thrive on music industry trivia.

But China and India don’t come off looking very honest in either test.


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