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Black Friday Targets November 18, 2015

Posted by geoff in News.

Black Friday (the real one, not the month-long business that’s going on now) approacheth, so it’s time to get our acts together. Yep, time to get that killer strategy formulated to optimize your attack on retailia.

Here are the average discounts by major retailers participating in Black Friday. Plan your assault accordingly:

JCPenney (68.0%)
Kohl’s (66.7%)
Stage (63.9%)
Groupon (63.7%)
Belk (59.5%)
Macy’s (56.0%)
Kmart (50.1%)
Panasonic (47.0%)
Fred Meyer (45.3%)
Office Depot and OfficeMax (42.8%)
Sears (41.7%)
Meijer (39.1%)
Hhgregg (38.5%)
CVS Pharmacy (37.8%)
Target (37.3%)
Modell’s (35.5%)
Dell (35.3%)
Staples (34.4%)
Ace Hardware (34.2%)
Best Buy (33.5%)
Home Depot (31.4%)
BJ’s (30.6%)
Walmart (30.1%)
GameStop (29.2%)
Toys R Us (28.9%)
Walgreens (28.7%)
Big Lots (27.1%)
Amazon (25.8%)
Sam’s Club (24.9%)
Costco (19.5%)


1. Jimbro - November 18, 2015

Initially, after reading the headline, I thought this was going to be a story about ISIS hitting America.

2. skinbad - November 18, 2015

30% off BJs?


3. digitalbrownshirt - November 19, 2015

I usually get those for free. Free meaning my undivided loyalty and entry into an iron-clad, monogamous relationship. So not really that free, but free enough for me. 🙂

I’ll be skipping Black Friday, unless I buy something online. I’ll be spending most of the week and weekend in the hospital. 😦

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