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The CBO Fesses Up – “We Suck at Predictions” November 21, 2015

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[I may have paraphrased that quote a bit]

You asked for debacles, Theo; I give you the CBO.


Yes, that chart shows that the best-case scenario has us never reducing the federal debt, while the nominal scenario sees it increase by almost 50% over the next 25 years.

I don’t want to even think about the worst-case scenario.

But why do I call it a “debacle?” Well, for starts, the CBO’s predictions are always optimistic (they were predicting budget surpluses by the end of Bush’s 2nd term), and they always assume that Congress will do the right thing.

But the real reason is because when your accuracy is that poor, you shouldn’t even publish the results.  It just gives people the false impression that things are under control.

As an aside, I don’t really understand this chart. We ran a $440 billion deficit in 2015, but the chart shows no change in debt from 2014. Someday, when I have extra time, I’ll have to find out why that is.

What is this? November 19, 2015

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IMG_5085.jpgHaven’t seen this in quite a while. When was the last time you saw one?


I Made This November 18, 2015

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When You’re Number 2 You Try Harder November 18, 2015

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It’s of little comfort to know that ISIS trails Boko Haram in the 2014 death totals:

Boko Haram has overtaken Isis as the world’s most deadly terrorist organisation, according to a new report.

The Nigerian-based terror group, also known as Islamic State’s West’s Africa province (ISWAP), was responsible for 6,644 deaths in 2014.

In comparison, ISIS is believed to have killed 6,073 people in the same period.

I guess ISIS was the Jayvee after all.

Even better, look at the terrorist organizations responsible for the most deaths in 2014 (chart from The Independent):


We’re constantly told that the threat of radical Islam is overstated, and that they’re only responsible for a fraction of the deaths due to terrorism.

I think not.

Black Friday Targets November 18, 2015

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Black Friday (the real one, not the month-long business that’s going on now) approacheth, so it’s time to get our acts together. Yep, time to get that killer strategy formulated to optimize your attack on retailia.

Here are the average discounts by major retailers participating in Black Friday. Plan your assault accordingly:

JCPenney (68.0%)
Kohl’s (66.7%)
Stage (63.9%)
Groupon (63.7%)
Belk (59.5%)
Macy’s (56.0%)
Kmart (50.1%)
Panasonic (47.0%)
Fred Meyer (45.3%)
Office Depot and OfficeMax (42.8%)
Sears (41.7%)
Meijer (39.1%)
Hhgregg (38.5%)
CVS Pharmacy (37.8%)
Target (37.3%)
Modell’s (35.5%)
Dell (35.3%)
Staples (34.4%)
Ace Hardware (34.2%)
Best Buy (33.5%)
Home Depot (31.4%)
BJ’s (30.6%)
Walmart (30.1%)
GameStop (29.2%)
Toys R Us (28.9%)
Walgreens (28.7%)
Big Lots (27.1%)
Amazon (25.8%)
Sam’s Club (24.9%)
Costco (19.5%)

Journalists Are Dumb People November 17, 2015

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Journalists are basically hair models whose mouths spew Democrat party tickertape. We would get better reportage if we replaced any one of these styrofoam heads with a person randomly chosen from any fast food line in America.

As her many respondents pointed out, this person works for CNN. Which even with their ratings is still considered The Media. And neither she nor any of her colleagues covered the Beirut bombings on CNN. So she indicts her own employer and coworkers for this oversight in coverage.

Sadly, many people also took the time to comb through her twitter account for any mention of the attacks in Lebanon, and it too was empty of any references to those events. So she further indicted herself as a “racist.”

The reason the word racist is in scare-quotes is because both the Lebanese and the Syrian people, are white people. Which destroys her whole premise plus…she should know that, shouldn’t she? If you’re accusing people of being afraid of other people because of their race, shouldn’t you do a little double-check? Or is she just so certain that these people can’t be white because they don’t look anything like the CNN newsroom?

From the “Headlines Too Gross to Click” File November 17, 2015

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From Drudge:

Couple accused of eating rapist’s genitals…

Crowdfunding New MST3K Episodes November 16, 2015

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Joel Hodgson (the original host) of Mystery Science Theater 3000 is trying to bring back the show via crowdfunding. He says he’ll shoot 3 new episodes for a mere $2 million. As of this posting, he’s already raised $1.8 million.

If they go beyond their goal, here’s what you might get:


So run, don’t walk, and spend like there’s nothing worth watching on TV.

H/T: S. Weasel

NJ Poverty Up, So Let’s Drive More Businesses Away November 15, 2015

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New Jersey apparently has record numbers of people living in poverty:

More New Jersey residents are in poverty now than in the past five decades and the outlook for the future is bleak, according to a report released Sunday, which aims to redefine the definition of poor in the state.

Of course the report authors suggest the customary fix:

Saying the safety nets to catch people on the precipice of poverty are growing bigger holes, the study calls for the state to develop a more intensive and comprehensive approach to combatting poverty and its consequences.

Seems a little silly, putting bigger patches on the system rather than addressing the underlying economic problems that are causing it.

“Underlying economic problems?” you say, “what could they possibly be?”

I know you already know the answer, but here it is anyway:

New Jersey’s state government would seek to better understand why companies are leaving the state under legislation approved by a Senate panel today.

The legislation comes in the wake of Mercedes-Benz decision to vacate its Bergen County headquarters and take 1,000 jobs with it to the outskirts of Atlanta, citing the South’s lower cost of doing business.

Increasing social services spending suggests increasing revenues via taxes and fees. And that, in turn, suggests that the exodus from NJ will just accelerate.

As an aside, there’s another reason that the number of poverty-stricken NJ-lings has increased. Take a gander at this chart from the report:


Seems like President Obama’s permissive immigration stance may be part of the problem.

Honesty Measurements for 12 Countries November 15, 2015

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Which countries are the most honest? Well it apparently depends on how their honesty is tested. If, for example, you are told that reporting “heads” on a coin toss will be rewarded with cash, countries stack up like this:


Which either proves that the Asian countries are less honest or that they don’t understand statistics. Or maybe they’re just fans of Waiting for Godot.

But if you test honesty not by greed but by intellectual integrity, you get a completely different result. In this test, respondents were asked 6 tough musical questions that could probably not be answered with using the internet, but they were asked to answer the questions on their own. Participants who did unrealistically well probably cheated. Here’s what happened:


Which either shows that Asian countries (minus Japan) and Turkey are dishonest, or that Japan and the Western countries suck at Googling, or that Asian countries (minus Japan) and Turkey have no lives, and thrive on music industry trivia.

But China and India don’t come off looking very honest in either test.

Education, PC-Style November 15, 2015

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Via Veeshir over at our neighbors at DPuD, a creepy but inspired look at where our PC culture has taken us:

Cute!?! Cute!?! Baby Ducks Are Cute!! November 15, 2015

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[Turn down your volume before watching]