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Don’t Ban Muslims Based on Religion December 13, 2015

Posted by geoff in News.

The president has made it clear, in response to Donald Trump’s proposal, that he does not approve of the notion of barring people from the US based based on religion. I don’t either – I agree completely that unless a religion involves practices that inflict harm on others, it should not be grounds for discrimination. I think Donald Trump would agree with that as well.

But Islam is not just a religion. It comes with a culture, a legal system, a government, and, in some factions, an antiquated expansionist philosophy. It is the culture, legal system, government, and expansionist philosophy that we find objectionable, and it is those aspects of Islam that we seek to evaluate and perhaps limit.

By couching the issue as a religious one, the president is doing us all a disservice. It may be that concerns over our safety and cultural integrity are misplaced, and that restrictions on immigration and visas are inappropriate. But pretending that this is solely a religious issue obfuscates the matter and shuts down the debate.

I have to believe that the president knows this, and that he is very comfortable with importing the cultural, legal, political, and expansionist aspects of Islam, without any regard for the safety or desires of American citizens.

This man really, really doesn’t like the America that preceded his reign.


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