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Progressivism Ain’t All That December 19, 2015

Posted by geoff in News.

Progressives often take issue with me when I make the self-evident statement that “not all change is good.”

“Name one thing that got worse as a result of progressive policies!” they say.

In that situation, I always point this out:



1. lauraw - December 19, 2015

It actually doesn’t look like much of a decline until you start breaking out the stats for socioeconomic strata and race. Black families have been wrecked to smithereens.


2. geoff - December 19, 2015

Yeah, but kids not in a 2-parent family go from ~ 1 in 9 to ~ 1 in 3.

3. lauraw - December 20, 2015

Good point. My own childhood family household was a casualty in one of those steeper slides on the graph. I remember hearing about other kids parents too, and thinking “Are they *all* getting divorced?”

4. Tushar - December 23, 2015

but but but…. the government is the other parent. The more powerful, mature, loving parent.

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