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Pounding on Petraeus January 18, 2016

Posted by geoff in News.

At several times during President Obama’s reign, it has appeared that he has used his office to punish or threaten those who don’t fall in line (though I suspect it’s really Valerie Jarret who’s in charge of arm-twisting). Today it’s General David Petraeus’ turn:

The Pentagon is considering retroactively demoting retired Gen. David Petraeus after he admitted to giving classified information to his biographer and mistress while he was still in uniform, three people with knowledge of the matter told The Daily Beast.

The decision now rests with Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, who is said to be willing to consider overruling an earlier recommendation by the Army that Petraeus not have his rank reduced.

But Petraeus retired in 2011, so why would the Army make a big deal out of going after him now?

I suspect it’s because of headlines like these:

  • Petraeus, Former Obama Advisers Reject Iran Deal (6/24/15)
  • David Petraeus Urges Stronger U.S. Military Effort in Syria (9/22/15)

But if they do indeed retroactively demote him for mishandling classified material, and they are actually doing it, as SecDef Ashton Carter says, to maintain consistency, then I hope they remember this when it’s Hillary’s turn.


1. geoff - January 18, 2016

Looks like Wretchard had the same thought:

the only way the Hall knows how to deal with such problems is to buy silence or suppress dissent and that’s not working as well as it used to, even though it is being applied in ever-larger doses. How large a dose was illustrated by reports that the administration is considering demoting David Petraeus retroactively.

By “Hall” he means the modern day Tammany Hall that the Dems have become.

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