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The Cathy Challenge: How Weird Can Eurovision Get? January 20, 2016

Posted by geoff in News.

This one’s for Cathy, who said some unkind things about the appearance of Verka Serduchka yesterday. Not that her comments were undeserved, but she ain’t seen nothing.

Feast your eyes upon the 2014 winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, Conchita Wurst. She also competed in the 2015 contest, and that’s the clip I’ve included below the fold.

Why below the fold? Well, I watched several of her videos to see if I could overcome my visceral reaction at her appearance, but I could not. So to spare my delicate (and according to my daughter, prehistoric) sensibilities, I decided to put the video out of immediate sight.

Because, you see, Conchita is a transvestite who does a fair job of appearing as a woman, but chooses to include a beard. The effect is quite unsettling. Hopefully you’re made of sterner stuff than I, and you can overcome your antediluvian prejudice and enjoy her voice and music.

Or not. I think it’s a lot to ask of people of my generation.


1. Cathy - January 20, 2016

Fanx, Geoff — for the Worst Fest and Wurst Fest.


2. Retired Geezer - January 20, 2016

Gosh, those Production Values / Set Design / Lighting / Projection / Choreography are simply wonderful!

*geezer wisely decides that ‘Fabulous’ is too strong a word.

3. lauraw - January 21, 2016

The fade effect on the beard is strangely effective, but I can’t quite verbalize why that is.

4. geoff - January 21, 2016

*Prays he hasn’t started a new IB fashion trend*

5. lauraw - January 21, 2016

No worries geoff, my beard grows in too patchy for me to pull that look off.

6. Mr. Matamoros - January 21, 2016

Rather unsettling, geoff. I guess my prejudices are too ingrained. That dude loves him some gender-f**k.

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