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Where the Fox Lives February 6, 2016

Posted by Retired Geezer in Science.

Short answer: In the Pipe.

Mrs. Geezer sees this fox about once a week when she feeds the horses.


Her den is pretty close to the houses


Uh oh, spotted.


Ready to dive in the pipe. She probably has babies in there.



1. lauraw - February 6, 2016

She’s looking really torn about giving the game away. Sweet thing. We used to see red and grey fox in our yard regularly.

But around here the new neighborhood coy-wolves have pretty much killed or driven off our native foxes.


2. Retired Geezer - February 6, 2016

This fox looks pretty darn big. I confess I’ve only seen foxes in the zoo but maybe it’s a coy-fox. We have lots of coyotes in the neighborhood

3. lauraw - February 7, 2016

Can they interbreed? I have to look that up now.

4. Retired Geezer - February 7, 2016

An Eagle, a Fox and Two Kitties walk into a bar:

5. Pupster - February 8, 2016

Foxes are cool, we had a family under my neighbors shed in Oh HI Oh. Kinda tough on the neighborhood bunnies though. When the little ones get bigger and bolder, they play all day long. Fun to watch.

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