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Thinking About How to Spend My $2500 February 22, 2016

Posted by geoff in News.

You hear a lot of anecdotal stories about insurance premiums increasing, but I think it’s always better to look at a time-history of the data. Like this one, which the CBO thoughtfully provided:


So basically the annual cost growth for insurance premiums hasn’t changed significantly since just before the recession (as you can see from the lower chart).

Ah, I remember well the days when President Obama told us that our insurance premiums would drop by $2500 per family. It’s like all of his campaign promises were made on Opposites Day.


1. drketedc - February 22, 2016

Premiums are one facet. I wonder what a chart of coverage for the money would look like? I know our rate went up,up . Deductible went up. Co pay went up. And we NEVER use it.

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