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The Sad State of Blogs February 25, 2016

Posted by geoff in News.

Sniff. It’s like he can see into our soul:

…Twitter changed how conservatives interacted. Who needed mass emails when we could send a tweet and be seen by other conservatives? That ease of interaction and ability to mobilize people had a downside. I credit/blame Twitter for the demise of most smaller conservative websites.

I went through our blogroll recently, and deleted dozens of links to defunct or barely functioning conservative blogs. It was truly shocking how many no longer exist or rarely post. Part of it certainly is dreaded Blogger Burnout. But part of it is that Twitter is the new blogosphere.

Twitter helped destroy the conservative ecosystem of small blogs by replacing it with something easier to use and more effective.

If you want a sense of conservative blog attrition, take a gander at Ace’s sidebar – I’d guess that 90% of the links are inactive.

I think it’s a shame that blogs have declined over the past 5 years, but maybe that’s because I personally couldn’t get comfortable with Twitter’s short format. I know that NiceDeb thrived on Twitter, using it as a platform for communication and blog promotion. But in an age* where there’s already too much bumper-sticker-level policy discussion, Twitter just seemed like an exacerbator (which, I was just surprised to learn, is an actual word).

Ah well, we’ll just keep plugging away, hoping to recapture relevance and readership despite our antediluvian medium.

*Sounds like a movie trailer. “In an age . . . where Twitter ruled supreme. In a land . . . where blogs dried up and blew away. One man stood up…”


1. Retired Geezer - February 25, 2016

I deleted my twit account a few days ago, in protest.
Ace and Adam Baldwin deleted theirs shortly afterward. Coincidence?

Geezer = Social Media Free

2. geoff - February 25, 2016

I dropped Facebook due to privacy concerns, and Twitter due to lack of interest, so I, too, am a member of Geezer’s SMF Club.

3. vaitguy - February 25, 2016

I will STAND with you!

4. Tushar - February 25, 2016

Exacerbator is a dirty sounding word

Mom: What are you doing in there? With the kleenex and hand lotion?
Son: Um…. nothing.
Mom: whatever you are doing, don’t do it in excess. You don’t want to be an exacerbator

5. lauraw - February 25, 2016

I closed my two accounts as well.

And shortly thereafter, Adam Baldwin, Ace, and Geezer closed theirs.

I’m not going to claim it was some kind of a coincidence. No, because this was 100% Pure Cause And Effect. Like falling dominoes, babes. And you can call me Domino Numero Uno.

Yeahhhp. So.

*basks in self-delusion like a kitty under a heat lamp*

6. geoff - February 25, 2016

laura’s in the club.

7. geoff - February 25, 2016

Based on his comment, we should probably make Tushar an honorary member.

8. Retired Geezer - February 25, 2016

Yeah, but does Tushar have a kitty, a heat lamp, lotion and tissue?

Some assembly required.

9. geoff - February 25, 2016

Looks like they’ll have to pry Ace’s Twitter account out of his cold, dead hands. 47,000 followers is probably hard to give up.

10. Retired Geezer - February 25, 2016

I thought Ace did a pretty good job of explaining his plan:


11. Retired Geezer - February 25, 2016

I only had 19 followers and 3 of them were Dave.

12. daveintexas - February 26, 2016

If the Star Chamber keeps shutting people down they’ll return to blogs. The interaction is what made it fun

13. Sobek - February 26, 2016

My blogger burn-out started around the time I got out of school and had to work for a living. Coincidence?

14. digitalbrownshirt - February 27, 2016

I didn’t realize I could delete my twitter account. I never use it so I don’t know what you can do with it.

My blogger burnout started when I started working nights.

15. digitalbrownshirt - February 27, 2016

I’m officially deactivated from twitter.

16. geoff - February 27, 2016

Another member of the RGSMF club!

17. Retired Geezer - February 27, 2016

*gives DBS a virtual high five

18. HayZeus - February 29, 2016

Though I’d like to say that I saw the writing on the wall, the truth is that I withdrew from blogging for the sake of my future wife.

PS: This comment is geoff‘s fault. 😛

19. Retired Geezer - February 29, 2016

Holy Carp!
THE HayZeus?
Good to hear from you.

20. HayZeus - February 29, 2016

The HayZeus?

No, actually I’m an imposter now. Some chinese guy took over my domain name a few years back and turned it into a splog to try and harvest web hits from that one post you linked at Ace’s waaaaaaaay back in the day. 😉

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