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Parker Walbeck February 26, 2016

Posted by Retired Geezer in Entertainment, Movies.

This guy is an amazing cinematographer.



1. Retired Geezer - February 26, 2016

If you like the TV series Person of Interest or if you like the video game Watch Dogs, you will enjoy this video. Parker is one of the cinematographers working for Devin Supertramp.

2. Cathy - February 26, 2016

Wow, Geez! That video was amazing! Thanks for sharing. I had a big smile on my face during the entire thing. Kinda wish I were young again so I could do some of those daring leaps, jumps, and general crazy stunts.

Oh well. I had my share of ’em years ago.

3. Retired Geezer - February 26, 2016

Here’s the ‘Making Of’ video. Really neat!

4. Stephanie - February 26, 2016


5. Tushar - February 28, 2016

Wish movie makers used more talented cinematographers instead of relying so much on CGI

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