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Musical Marble Machine March 5, 2016

Posted by Retired Geezer in Music, Science.

Yes, it’s awesome.


1. Cathy - March 5, 2016

*clap! clap! clap!*

It’s pretty too!

2. Retired Geezer - March 5, 2016

Probably a fairly good representation of the inside of Sobek’s head.

3. Dead Stuffed Cat Hot Links | Tacky Raccoons - March 6, 2016

[…] this machine here, and all I can say is […]

4. Retired Geezer - March 6, 2016

Reminds me of a few ‘Gravatrams’ that I have seen before.
One was in the ski lodge at the top of Mt. Rainer (?)
The other one currently resides in the OMSI in Portland, Oregon.

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