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Talking vs. Chewing March 10, 2016

Posted by geoff in News.

This seem unlikely, but here you go:

The ability of humans to talk may have been influenced by how early people were able to master the art of cooking and chewing their food, a new study says.

Evolutionary biologists Daniel Lieberman and Katherine Zink from Harvard University examined how early techniques in preparing and even consuming food helped our ancestors developed smaller jaws and teeth that were more finely tuned for speaking.

Doesn’t that imply that the ultimate evolutionary food would be . . . Cheetos?

Chewing doesn’t get any easier than this


1. Cathy - March 10, 2016

Yeah, but your tongue has a lot of work getting Cheetos out of your molars…

Giving their ‘study’ and navel gazing, I’m guessing Lieberman and Zink haven’t read their Torah…

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