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Cultural Appropriation is My Culture March 17, 2016

Posted by geoff in News.

After reading this column at the National Review, I was stricken by how offensive social justice warriors are to me and my culture.

According to a piece in the Concordian, Concordia College’s official student newspaper, St. Patrick’s Day partying can amount to “subtle cultural appropriation,” and people should be very careful about how they celebrate it.

“Most of the people who celebrate St. Patrick’s Day now do not understand its cultural significance,” student Johnny Wagner writes. “Thus, St. Patrick’s Day is, in fact, an example of subtle cultural appropriation.”

Well, little Johnny Wagner, let me tell you about cultural appropriation, American-style. You see, being an American means being open to cultural influences from anywhere and anyone. It means taking the parts of those cultures that I like, and integrating them into my life as I see fit.


My culture is as valid as any other, and I actually consider that aspect of it to be superior to others. The world is a salad bar, and we’ve paid for unlimited trips to the trough. Other cultures have borrowed liberally from each other – we’ve just institutionalized it.

So if my cultural appropriation offends you, well, that’s just tough, I guess. Your claim that your culture is beyond appropriation offends me. We are the American Borg Collective, and the interesting parts of your culture will be modified and assimilated as we see fit.

…or even mocked, if that entertains us.



1. 1banjo - March 17, 2016

*Plucks lip* Shouldn’t this come with a trigger warning?

2. Tushar - March 18, 2016

SJWs that kvetch about cultural appropriation irk me no end. Johnny boy, even if you are Irish, it does not give you the license to demand anything on behalf of all Irish people. Pl do fuck off.

And will someone pass me a cold O’Hara’s Celtic stout please?

3. lauraw - March 18, 2016

Culture is contagious as all Hell, mainly because people deliberately share it out of a feeling of openness and generosity. If he’s this much of a stingy skinflint, afraid of other people getting his culture, maybe he should return to his country of origin where the danger will be lessened.

4. Mark in NJ - March 19, 2016

That dude needs to eat a bowl of Lucky Charms and discover his inner Frito Bandito

5. lauraw - March 19, 2016

1) If I post a recipe for portuguese food on the internet, with the intent of sharing a delicious recipe, and you use the recipe (with the intent of making a nice dinner for your family), which one of us is the bigger criminal?

2) If we all belong to an ethnicity, what recipes are safe to share and prepare?

6. Tushar - March 19, 2016

Laura, if the recipe id Paella, then it is a grave crime. The only way to find absolution is if you cook some Paella and feed it to me.

7. lauraw - March 20, 2016

*slips a piece of chourico, two clams, and a handful of rice in an envelope and mails it to Jersey*

Heh, Tushar, Scott feels the same way about paella. I can’t really bear to tell him about how offensive and appropriative that is.

8. skinbad - March 20, 2016

White Mormon man paints black woman as Eve. (Some) black Mormon women (yes, there are a few) aren’t happy about it:

9. lauraw - March 21, 2016

It’s a gorgeous painting. Some people need to get over their own boobies and get a life. If he had painted Eve as white, the same people would have been criticizing. Talented people are damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

If these social critics think they can do it with more ‘authenticity’, then they should pick up a brush and paint.

10. skinbad - March 21, 2016

If you applied their thinking to all of art and literature–you can only represent who you are, everything else is off limits–think of how poor our culture would be.

11. Tushar - March 21, 2016

yeah, I don’t want to be limited to only painting fat brown men.

12. lauraw - March 22, 2016

You know what, me neither man, but I bet brown guys would totally let me paint them and not bitch about it at all.

Double standards used to be a bad thing, but now they are worshiped. By idiots.

13. Tushar - March 23, 2016
14. lauraw - March 23, 2016

*heart pounds madly*

*buys three gallons of brown paint*


15. geoff - April 13, 2016
16. Mark in NJ - April 15, 2016

Interesting sci-fi premise – I mention someone in a blog comment and then they die.

Let’s see if I can get it to work again:

All the Kardashians

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