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Pee Wee’s Big Holiday March 18, 2016

Posted by digitalbrownshirt in News.

My family watched it on Netflix tonight. If you liked the first movies 30 years ago you’ll probably like this one. We all enjoyed it. Not an amazing film, but worth the time to watch it if you want some silly entertainment. The make up artist deserves an award considering Paul Reubens looks about the same as he did 30 years ago despite being 63 years old.

The wife got sick of my wise cracks about the male bonding between Pee Wee and Joe Manganiello.


1. Retired Geezer - March 19, 2016

Thanks for the recommendation. I just saw it advertised on Netflix. We’ll have to watch it.

2. 1banjo - March 19, 2016

Pee Wee Herman? Ugh.

3. digitalbrownshirt - March 20, 2016

A little Pee Wee goes a long way.

4. Retired Geezer - March 31, 2016

We watched it on vacation just to get the taste of a ‘stinker’ movie, out of our brains. I forgot the name but we didn’t want to go to sleep with that in our heads.

The Pee Wee movie was typically goofy but had a couple of chuckleworthy moments.

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