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Manufacturing Jobs Defy President, Continue to Decline April 2, 2016

Posted by geoff in News.

I like manufacturing. To my mind, taking stuff out of the ground and turning it into useful items is one of the necessary foundations of a sound economy. So it is with a good deal of dismay that I have been watching manufacturing jobs fail to recover from the recession. Here’s the BLS’s graph of manufacturing jobs over the past 10 years:


Of course, as I’ve been reminding people for the past 3 years, this graph would look a bit different if the president was on track to keep his promise to add 1 million manufacturing jobs by this September. Needless to say, he’s nowhere near that goal:



1. digitalbrownshirt - April 2, 2016

My part of the country, Oklahoma, is getting destroyed by the oil crash. Thousands of people are losing their jobs, not just in oil/gas production, but all the related services including manufacturing, which is where I make my living. I’m trying to get back to work by May, I’ve been out with an injury, but the company is actually happy to have me off because it’s saving them money. We’ve started having layoffs for the first time in 30+ years. My job has been secure so far, but other departments were decimated. They took out high ranking supervisors, retired out a lot of execs and big parts of our support personnel. We’ve had so many cut backs in the last 2 years that the only people left are the very best employees we have.

Imagine how painful that is for people to be told they’re amazing employees, they did everything they were asked to do and more, but there’s no longer enough income to keep them employed. That’s probably true for a lot of the companies around here. They’re all down to the cream of their employees and having to let them go just to keep in business for another six months.

The part that irritates me the most are the idiots I’ve run into that say “Good, I’m glad the people gouging us at the pump are finally getting burned”. What the hell do we have to do with gas prices? We pay the same price as everybody else. We also pay the property tax and sales taxes that support a lot of the public works here. Now that so many of us are unemployed the state government is going into a major cutback in services and the same people that were happy about the evil oil workers are now complaining that there’s not enough money for the schools, the roads and the public services.

I saw one idiot complain that the greedy oil and gas companies weren’t giving as much money to charity as they used to give. A massive amount of charity giving here has always been from gas and energy related companies. This idiot couldn’t figure out that when you’re at the point that you just laid off thousands of employees you aren’t in a position to give as much. My own company which has always given much more than our goal of 10% to charity, has cut back to only 10% of profit. 10% of nothing is still nothing. We try to help as much as possible, but it’s generally just volunteer labor instead of cash and material like we’ve been doing for the last 50 years. It pisses me off thinking of how many of these people hated my industry when we were paying their way, and now they hate us more because we can’t afford to continue.

Sorry for my rant, I’m just really angry with a lot of my so call neighbors who can’t see the world beyond their own noses.

2. Tahni J. Nikitins - April 4, 2016

Harsh reality graph = wonderful.

Question: do you think there’s any connection between the failure of manufacturing jobs to recover and the almost exclusive focus on higher education via university, to the neglect of trade schools? Or would such a thing be entirely unrelated?

3. lauraw - April 4, 2016

Well said, DB. It’s always mystifying to me, how people who take-take-take consider themselves victims of the people they are taking from. Something does not compute.

No gratitude, it’s never enough, they can never be made happy, and it’s insane to continue to proceed as if the maintenance of their needs should ever even be someone else’s responsibility in the first place. But we do it anyway.

4. Sobek - April 4, 2016

A promise from Obama is just a list of stuff that ain’t gonna happen.

5. geoff - April 10, 2016

Question: do you think there’s any connection between the failure of manufacturing jobs to recover and the almost exclusive focus on higher education via university, to the neglect of trade schools?

That’s certainly a factor, though regulations, liability, unions, and automation also play a part.

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