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Coolest Chart I’ve Seen in a While April 16, 2016

Posted by geoff in News.

Compare the spending increases of the different-flavored Congresses (from Forbes):

Federal Welfare, Soc Services, & SNAP Spending 1959 to 2014


1. Sobek - April 16, 2016

Nice chart.

Here’s a thing. Holy crap:


There’s one strange detail in there; see if you can spot it.

2. geoff - April 16, 2016

Just another Saturday night, yes?

So far as strange details go, I’m not sure.

3. geoff - April 16, 2016

Fixed the chart so it embiggens properly. The new WordPress editor is a PiTA.

4. Sobek - April 17, 2016

The response time on the 911 call. I’m not sure what’s up with that.

5. geoff - April 17, 2016

Wow – you’re right. It looks like there was no response. She calls it in, an hour and a half later they go upstairs and she sleeps on the couch. Then they skip to the interviews by detectives the next day.

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