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“Most Peaceful Era,” Cont’d April 28, 2016

Posted by geoff in News.

The president and many liberal commentators are fond of pooh-poohing Americans concerns with terrorism, insisting that the odds of death by terrorism are very low – smaller by far than the risk of an automobile accident, for instance. But there are two reasons that comparison is specious:

First, there’s a big difference between living with risks due to chance (i.e., accidents or disease) and living with a threat by someone who has clearly stated that they will do everything in their power to convert you, subjugate you, or kill you. In the latter case, you know that your survival depends only on their lack of capability. Should they gain the capability, the resultant tragedy would dwarf all those other random causes of death. So comparing current terrorism deaths to accident statistics is short-sighted and meaningless.

Second, while Americans have fared better vis-a-vis terrorism than other countries, we have been admonished to “Think Globally, Act Locally.” So looking at global terrorism statistics, we’re not happy to see trends like this:

Terrorist Attacks

While accidental deaths have been declining for decades, global terrorism has skyrocketed. That leads one to believe that hiding behind today’s statistics for Americans is folly. And it’s remarkable to me that our betters are trying to comfort us by only considering American deaths. Seems like people from other countries don’t matter to them, and that’s racist.

The president just told us that we’re living in the “most peaceful era” in human history. But as we saw a couple of days ago, Iraqis would disagree.

As would victims of terrorism worldwide.


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