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Fashion Tip for IB Dudes May 1, 2016

Posted by geoff in News.

Sorry, but when the fashion bug hits me, I’m powerless to stop it. Today, though, rather than gifting the IB wimmens with my erudite fashion advice, I figured I’d clue the men in. Yes, it’s time to talk men’s underwear, carrying on a time-honored IB tradition since DinTX asked “Boxers or Briefs?” back in 2007.

Today, the estimable Rocket News brings what I think should become the official men’s underwear of IB: Chinese Wolf and Eagle underwear. Here’s the wolf version:

Epic Chinese wolf and eagle underwear lets you show off your alpha status in style 【Pics】

They look pretty comfy – you can trust my judgment, I’ve got a nose for that sort of thing.

But maybe a little roomy for most IBers. Perhaps they have pug version?


1. Cathy - May 1, 2016

They could do a Little Pink Riding Hood version for the wimmins…

2. Jimbro - May 1, 2016

Do they make elephant ones?

3. Mark in NJ - May 1, 2016

Does anybody here have an aardvark?

4. lauraw - May 2, 2016

so much depends

a silly dick

beaten half to

inside my favorite

5. lauraw - May 2, 2016

Ah, dick jokes. Never leave me.

6. Mark in NJ - May 2, 2016

Dick jokes.

Jane’s unamused.

Puff says she has no dog in this fight.

Spot’s confused.

7. geoff - May 2, 2016

You’d Think That People Would Have Had Enough Of Silly Dick Jokes.
But I Look Around Me And I See It Isn’t So.
Some People Wanna Fill The World With Silly Dick Jokes.
And What’s Wrong With That?
I’d Like To Know,
‘Cause Here I Go Again

8. Retired Geezer - May 2, 2016

Do they come in a Pug-Nosed version?

(asking for a friend)

9. skinbad - May 2, 2016


10. lauraw - May 2, 2016

In communist Russia, doke jicks YOU!

11. Mark in NJ - May 2, 2016

Hey, I showed to my old lady – she wants me to get the hog but I think I’m partial to the one-eyed trouser trout.

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