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Worlds Shortest Movie Review: Captain America May 6, 2016

Posted by geoff in News.

Saw Captain America last night (my daughter insists on going on opening night). I quite enjoyed it. They may have been a bit heavy-handed with the “With great power comes great need for supervision” theme, but it didn’t take away from the fun.

Seems like Marvel and Star Wars movies are about the only things I watch at the theaters these days.


1. Mark in NJ - May 6, 2016

Hey Geoff. I don’t know who’s keeping theaters in business these days. Definitely not me.

I did see the latest Star Wars in the theater under duress – ugh! — but SW has never been my thing.

And The Revenant, which I thought was fantastic (in every sense). Did you see it?

2. geoff - May 6, 2016

Not my cuppa. Plus, your sis didn’t recommend it.

3. Cathy - May 11, 2016

I’ve been to a theater once in the past year, and probably twice in the past thee years.

We watch all the great films at home and don’t care that we have to wait a few months to see them. RedBox, Netflix, and AppleTV are fantastic.

Now, when we go places we look for the big 30.06 and 30.07 signs (a Texas thing), and if they are NOT posted, we enter. If they are posted, we go home or somewhere else.

If we enter a place, we still watch the exits and the people — all because we’re not much for being in dark or enclosed spaces like sitting ducks for some crazy to start a killin’ spree.

Not much for malls either. But good businesses know we are their friends and like us around.

4. Cathy - May 11, 2016

We watched Revenant just a few weeks ago via AppleTV and found it long and a tough watch, but I still liked it.

5. Sobek - May 22, 2016

If you get a chance to see The Abolitionists, you should do it.

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