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Tyranny of the Minority May 19, 2016

Posted by geoff in News.

There used to be concern over the “Tyranny of the Majority,” whereby a coalition of, say, 51% of the people could dictate laws and policies that were objectionable to the other 49%. Nowadays, though, it is the very small minority fractions of people who dictate to the majority, carving out special treatment and hobbling the majority with regulations and invented, self-serving social mores.

Which brings us to the “Redskins” controversy, which apparently shouldn’t be a controversy at all:

A poll of Native Americans found that the vast majority do not object to the Washington NFL team’s name.

The Washington Post commissioned a poll with a randomly selected national sample of 504 Native American adults. That poll asked, “The professional football team in Washington calls itself the Washington Redskins. As a Native American, do you find that name offensive, or doesn’t it bother you?”

The result was a strong argument for Dan Snyder’s case that his team does not need to change its name: A whopping 90 percent answered that the name doesn’t bother them. Only 9 percent called the name offensive, with 1 percent having no opinion.

Yes, as in the case of transgender bathroom rights, a small but vocal faction is trying to impose their will on the majority. And, given the support of the press and the lack of passion by the majority, they will probably succeed.


1. Jimbro - May 19, 2016

We really need to change the mascot at Notre Dame. Fighting Irish? Such a hateful stereotype!

2. drketedc - May 23, 2016

I wonder how soon all mascot names will be targeted. The name of your team is a rallying point and something to be proud of. Isn’t that idea distasteful to power-hungry people with a statist bent? Be safe and just label your team with a number(!)

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