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Competing Victim Groups June 5, 2016

Posted by geoff in News.

One of the problems with the social justice movement lies in the competition among victim groups for the status of “most aggrieved,” which also confers the highest moral authority. Which group most deserves that status?

Social Justice Warriors, having beaten mainstream culture about the head and shoulders for several decades, are now turning on each other, battling for their favorite victim group to be crowned and rule over all others. This infighting is amusing for conservatives, for whom the correct answer to the above question is “none.”

Today we have an English author of feminist books, Fay Weldon, trying to claim the prize at her talk at the Hay Festival:

The fight against sexism should be considered more important than defeating racism, the novelist Fay Weldon has suggested, as she argues fixing gender inequality will solve everything else.

Weldon, the feminist and writer, said British women should turn their attention to oppressed women elsewhere, even if they risk being accused of racism.

That should settle things down.

But what she said later in her talk was actually interesting:

A feminist, she has now come to believe that women entering the workplace was not the best thing for society, inadvertently leaving children suffering.

She told an audience: “As women entered the market the male wage was no longer enough to support a family.

“So the women have to work. And who suffers? The children.”

There’s nothing wrong with women entering the workforce, so long as it’s acknowledged that there is an opportunity cost associated with that choice. This is in contrast to feminist dogma that the woman can “have it all,” and that women working comes with no penalties.

Nice to see a feminist waking up from that fantasy.


1. ORPO1 - June 5, 2016

My cause is worth more because argument…………..FFS my friend. They are so out of touch.

2. digitalbrownshirt - June 5, 2016

I’m starting to see that realization more often. It’s a bit late, but perhaps there’s hope for the future.

3. geoff - June 15, 2016

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