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Bad Thermodynamics June 11, 2016

Posted by geoff in News.

Was perusing the Saturday posts at Ace’s, when I came across this abominable statement:

I have been thinking about entropy lately. Apparently, the laws of thermodynamics have been revised to suggest that order can appear from disorder but I am not seeing it, personally.

I, who have taken too many courses in thermodynamics, was stunned to hear that the laws of thermodynamics had been revised, with the addition of a new law: The Law of Maximum Entropy Production.

So I hastened to read about this major revision to the venerable science of thermodynamics, and what did I find?

It’s all hooey.

The fellow who developed this new law has no science or engineering training: his greatest claim to fame is having created Wendy O. and the Plasmatics back in the 80’s. He has self-promoted his theory by sockpuppeting all over the internet, and now we find it appearing at a very smart military blog (ancient media reference to AoSHQ).

So please don’t buy into it.


1. geoff - June 11, 2016

…too many courses in thermodynamics…

Well, three.

2. digitalbrownshirt - June 11, 2016

I’m taking a break from AoSHQ. I can handle his decision to support Trump, but bashing on people who refuse to fall in line with him has turned me off to a blog I’ve been posting on since Bush was in office.

3. geoff - June 11, 2016

I scan it daily, but I think I’ve commented three times in the past 5 years.

I think the Trump-basher-bashing comes from desperation. He knows that if Hillary! is elected, the disastrous trends of Obama will continue until the country is unrecognizable. That’s guaranteed.

Trump is at least an unknown, so despite his obvious and discouraging flaws, as well as his unformed policies and mysterious political orientation, he represents a sliver of hope. But if the Trump-bashers keep hammering away at him (with no viable alternative thus far), then Hillary! is going to win.

So Ace is desperate to at least shut them up, if he can’t get them onboard.

My personal prediction* is that Romney is continuing to slam Trump because he’s going to be appointed to replace Trump at the convention. So all of this will be moot.

*I have pretty good accuracy in policy predictions, but very poor accuracy in politics predictions. So this is probably fantasy.

4. geoff - June 11, 2016

…but seeing Conservative Treehouse and Gateway Pundit go all-Trump all-the-time has been kind of revolting.

5. digitalbrownshirt - June 11, 2016

I feel like the GOP could survive 4 years of Hillary better than it can 4 years of Trump. That’s my issue. There’s going to be a slump in GOP voters in November. That’s going to have a negative effect on the rest of the Republicans running for other offices. I don’t feel like Trump”s true believers are likely to vote straight ticket, at least that’s the impression I get from all the “suddenly” Republican voters I’ve met, including some of my relatives that I know are liberal on everything but illegal immigration.

6. geoff - June 11, 2016

I feel like the GOP could survive 4 years of Hillary better than it can 4 years of Trump.

After she’s done futzing with the budget, employment law, and taxes, no one will survive.

7. Tushar - June 12, 2016

I don’t care much for the survival of GOP. I do care a lot about survival of US.

Hillary’s would be an unmitigated disaster, an unchecked reign upon America. Even if Trump had a nefarious agenda, he won’t get much traction, with both parties, the bureaucracy and the media arrayed against him.

8. Mark in NJ - June 13, 2016

Hey Geoff. In my mind, Hillary over Trump is a no-brainer. So to help myself understand this anyone-but-Hillary attitude, I tried a thought experiment:

What if Trump (or someone equally unqualified & absurd) was the Dem candidate and the GOP candidate was someone I really didn’t like personally and thought would be genuinely bad for the US? (say, for example, Dick Cheney)

Would I really vote for the Trump candidate? Well, the answer is I probably would!

So now I get it. Thanks.

9. skinbad - June 13, 2016

I was thinking I would just sit this one out, but I’m slowly coming around to Tushar’s position.

10. Retired Geezer - June 13, 2016

I’ll just quote from an email I got from a friend:

If you don’t care because you feel it won’t matter to you because you won’t be around that much longer anyway, think about your children and grand-children. Before You Say You Won’t Vote For Whomever Is Nominated Consider This.
Something to think about, indeed.

Supreme Court Of The United States

Some people have brought up the fact that they won’t vote for the Republican nominee if the eventual nominee is not the man they wanted. I just want to put something in perspective. Justice Scalia’s seat is vacant.
Ginsberg is 82 years old Kennedy is 79
Breyer is 77
Thomas is 67

Nowadays, the data shows that the average age of a Supreme Court retirement or death occurs after 75.

There are 5 vacancies that will likely come up over the next 4-8 years. The next President will have the power to potentially create a 7-2 Supreme Court skewed in their ideology.

Think about that: 7:2

If the next President appoints 5 young justices, it will guarantee control of the Supreme Court for an entire generation. And 7-2 decisions will hold up much more over time than 5-4 decisions which are viewed as lacking in mandate.

Hillary has made it clear she will use the Supreme Court to go after the 2nd Amendment. She has literally said that the Supreme Court was wrong in its Heller decision stating that the Court should overturn and remove the individual right to keep and bear arms. Period.

Anyone and Everyone who is saying that they won’t vote for one candidate or the other if they are the GOP nominee, please realize this. Hear this! If Hillary Clinton wins and gets to make these appointments, you likely will never see another conservative victory at the Supreme Court level for the rest of your life. Ever.

Whoever is the GOP nominee, go VOTE for the GOP Nominee!

Remember Romney? Three million conservatives who had voted for McCain did not cast a vote for Romney (for whatever reason) …. and the result was four additional years of B.H.O.

AND ONE FINAL THOUGHT; she’s already on the record as saying that her buddy, B.H.O. “would make a great Supreme Court Justice.”

11. digitalbrownshirt - June 13, 2016

While Trump’s on record that his pro-late term abortion sister would be a great choice for the Supreme Court. I don’t think he’d actually get her past Congress, but it’s stupid comments like that which makes it hard for me to see him as actually better when it comes to abortion.

12. geoff - June 13, 2016

So now I get it. Thanks.

Not sure what that stream-of-consciousness bit was supposed to convey, other than you don’t normally look at things from the opposing view.

But at least you got it.

13. Tushar - June 13, 2016

>>I was thinking I would just sit this one out, but I’m slowly coming around to Tushar’s position.

Wow! If I can persuade just one person to vote rather than stay home, I would have done some civic duty.

BTW, Citizenship interview scheduled for mid-July for me and the Mrs.
She got worried about the interview, asked me the 100 sample questions (about US history, Constitution, Govt etc) and was aghast that I got all 100 right. She just realized that she may be better than me, but not in everything.

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