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A Feel Good Story July 1, 2016

Posted by digitalbrownshirt in News.

matt imhof

Matt Imhof, proof that not all millennials are pussies.


No, I’m not some kind of sick, sadistic creep that feels good about this young man getting hurt. The feel good story is his attitude about his injury. When most people would probably feel pretty depressed about the disaster life just handed them, he comes across as genuinely grateful for his current situation. Clearly he’s not happy about being blind in one eye, but he’s thankful for not being blind in both eyes and he’s thankful that he didn’t suffer brain damage like Harry Reid.

The quotes that matter:

“Although this injury has been tough, it could have been much worse. I’m lucky to still have vision in my left eye. I’m lucky that I didn’t have brain damage. And I’m lucky to be surrounded my the most loving and understanding people in the world,” Imhof wrote.

“I just wanted to write this message to let everyone know that even though I suffered some bad luck, I’m not dead. I’m going to be alright, I’m going to persevere, and I’m going to succeed. It takes more than this to bring me down. Again thanks to everyone for the support.”


“crushed like a grape.”

OK, maybe I added that Harry Reid part in there about being brain damaged. Reid was brain damaged long before his accident.



1. Retired Geezer - July 1, 2016

I agree, it is a feel-good story.

2. digitalbrownshirt - July 1, 2016

Technically the big boobs story was also a feel good story, but this was feel good in a different way. There’s so much negative crap going on in the world right now. I needed a break.

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