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The Secret Life of Pets July 6, 2016

Posted by digitalbrownshirt in News.

I’m not much for movie reviewing, but I got a chance to see it early and thought I’d pass on my opinion. On Tuesday night my daughter and I went to a preview show provided by Universal and the local newspaper. There were a lot of kids of course, but not as many as I thought since most of them were there from tickets they won from some radio station. We got to sit in the high end seats by ourselves. I felt like a celebrity.

Anyway this is one of the few movies I really looked forward to seeing this summer. My daughter was pretty pumped about seeing it too. That might have been part of the problem because we both went home disappointed. The script is extremely uneven. While parts of it were absolutely hysterical, especially those involving Tiberius the hawk (or maybe he was a falcon) and Gidget the Pomeranian (who is overly trustful of the big bird surrounded by little skeletons), while the white rabbit called Snowball’s character was so grating I was hoping the obvious rabbit meets bird of prey scenario would happen. The rabbit is pushed as some kind of amazingly funny character in the commercials and he’s the most annoying character in the movie.

Kids will like this movie. Judging by the response in our audience they might love this movie. The rest of us will probably start checking our watches around the 1 hour mark. I normally enjoy animated movies. I really liked Zootopia and even Frozen when I finally got around to seeing it. I could see watching those again willingly, but I can’t imagine ever being so bored that I’d sit through another showing of TSLoP again.

I give it a 6 out of 10. Most of the good parts were pretty funny, there’s a great idea involving what happens to abandoned pets that I felt like they mishandled (mostly) and there’s a lot of annoying bunny having a tantrum scenes that got old really fast.



1. Retired Geezer - July 7, 2016

I liked Frozen and Ice Age and laughed a lot during Shrek 1.

2. digitalbrownshirt - July 7, 2016

All of those were pretty good. We saw Finding Dory recently and it was better than I expected. Usually sequels are total garbage cash grabs, but it was mostly a good movie. It ran a little longer than it needed to run and the 3rd act would have benefitted with some trimming, but I still enjoyed it. I’d give that one an 8/10.

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