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Good Luck With That July 25, 2016

Posted by geoff in News.

When one ruminates on the worst startup ideas of all time, one surely would be remiss if they didn’t add this to the list:

In Toronto, a city crammed full of fine restaurants, famous chefs and innovative dining ventures, it would be difficult for anyone to create a new fad.
But one George Brown College graduate is hoping her “Poop Café Dessert Bar” will cause the next big stink.

Opening mid-August in Koreatown, Lien Nguyen’s cafe will offer an all-brown menu, in the shape of human stools.

“I’m trying to make poop cute,” Ms Nguyen explained to the Toronto Star.

No pics because I love you.


1. Cathy - July 25, 2016

Would be a number two on my list of places to eat in Toronto.

2. geoff - July 26, 2016

Breathes new life into Bette Davis’s famous line:

3. ORPO1 - July 26, 2016

What is next for crying out loud!

4. geoff - July 26, 2016

What is next for crying out loud!

Well, if people start one-upping each other with grosser and grosser restaurant themes, it would bring the old SNL sketch to mind. You know, the one that parodies Smucker’s Jam?

Jane Curtin: . . . And so, with a name like Fluckers, it’s got to be good

Chevy Chase: Hey, hold on a second, I have a jam here called Nose Hair. Now with a name like Nose Hair, you can imagine how good it must be. MMM MMM!!

Dan Aykroyd: Hold it a minute folks, but are you familiar with a jam called Death Camp? That’s Death Camp! Just look for the barbed wire on the label. With a name like Death Camp it must be so good it’s incredible! Just amazingly good jam!

John Belushi: Wait a minute . . . Dog Vomit, Monkey Pus. We offer you a choice of two of the most repulsive brand names of jams you’ve ever heard of. With names like these, this stuff has got to be terrific. We’re talking fabulous jam here!

Chevy Chase: Save your breath fella! Here’s a new jam we’ve just put out. It’s called Painful Rectal Itch. You’d have to go a long way to find a worse name for a jam. And good? MMM WAH! With a name like Painful Rectal Itch you gotta bet that it’s great . . .

Dan Aykroyd: Mangled Baby Ducks. That’s right, Mangled Baby Ducks! Picture a jam so good that you’d dare to call it Mangled Baby Ducks! Great Jam! It’s beautiful jam!

John Belushi: Wait a minute, wait a minute, this is it – 10,000 Nuns and Orphans.

Jane Curtin: 10,000 Nuns and Orphans? What’s so bad about that?

John Belushi: They were all eaten by rats! Oh, it’s so good! MMM!

Garrett Morris: Hold it, hold it everyone, your attention please, I have here a jam called, Oh God, [mumbles] Ick! Yecch!

Dan Aykroyd: It’s so good it’s sick making!

Chevy Chase: Oh, that’s gotta be great jam!

Jane Curtin: So if it’s great jam you’re after, try this one, the brand so disgusting you can’t say it on television. Ask for it by name!

5. lauraw - July 28, 2016

“I’m trying to make poop cute,”

Worst reason to start a restaurant ever.

6. digitalbrownshirt - July 28, 2016

I’ve heard of places like this in Japan. That alone should be warning enough.

7. Will - July 29, 2016

Clearly someone whose parents never slapped her upside the head when she said or tried something dumb.

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