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Dangerous Wildlife Photography August 24, 2016

Posted by lumps in News.

Here in the ferocious wilds that the natives call ‘Kh-net-i’cut,’ (which loosely translates to ‘HOW much?!’) there are luxurious meads teeming with all manner of creatures, from the lowliest insects, to the much, much highliester insects.

Since my photographer was eaten by a dragon last week, it falls to me to train my ignorant lens on some of the amazing organisms inhabiting this amazing place.

Behold. Amazing!

Wow, really blurry

Sorry it’s so blurry

Oh, okay, so; I had an amazing insect in the frame but it flitted away just before the damned camera on my phone finally snapped the shutter. I have a LOT of pictures just like this. Tons. Sorry.


Not a very special fly.

I was pretty excited about this one, but it turned out to be a housefly, just like the ones we have back home. I am SO sorry. Moving on.

shake it

I like bee butts and I cannot lie

I got his butt! I got his butt! So close. That was so close to being an actual picture of a thing. I’m getting really good at this!



Well! Well, well, now! There it is. A little blurry, but I think you can verify the veracity with which this thing represents itself. That, there, is a Black Bee With Yellow Stripes. I just named it. That’s it’s name because I say so. This is awesome.

I’m gonna do it again.

really very tiny

this bee was very small

Another black bee with yellow stripes, but not THE Black Bee With Yellow Stripes. Wow, I say! Naming animals can be quite the pickle!

I dub thee, ‘Mini-Bee.’

Say, do you know what happens when someone stands next to a tall plant teeming with bees on a sunny day? The bees are always flying quickly and they bump into someone. Quite a lot. And sometimes they land on someone, too. Just to take a little break! And then they have a bit of a relaxed little walkabout on someone, while someone stops breathing and poops their pants.


1. lauraw - August 24, 2016

Why do my pics all come out so dark? I didn’t have this problem with my old camera.

2. Retired Geezer - August 24, 2016

*sends Lauraw’s resume to Marlin Perkins.

3. Retired Geezer - August 24, 2016

*looks around at the youngsters (yoots) scratching their heads.
Marlin who?

4. lauraw - August 24, 2016

I wasn’t that afraid. I’m insured through Mutual of Omaha.

5. geoff - August 24, 2016

“laura will hold the capture bag while scott wrestles the wasp into it.”

6. Car in - August 24, 2016

I dunno if I can do what you request, my liege. The effect in my garden is mostly SOUND. It cannot be captured on film.

7. geoff - August 24, 2016

It cannot be captured on film.

Like laura herself.

8. Cathy - August 25, 2016

As a teen I met the Marlin Perkins while walking through the St. Louis Zoo. He was talking to someone, looked me in the face and said a gentle “hello.” My silly heart went pitter-pat, I said Hi back and kept walking.

Nice pics, Sweet Friend, Laura.

9. skinbad - August 25, 2016

I love Jim’s voice.

10. digitalbrownshirt - August 25, 2016

Is that a bee? I think it might be a wasp. Much more dangerous. You might ask for a bonus for your next safari.

As for the darkness, do you use a flash? I’ve taken pictures at night that were brighter than these, but I use a flash all the time with my phone.

11. digitalbrownshirt - August 25, 2016

As for blurriness I have a friend who’s a photographer and he gave me the simple advice of always finding something solid for me to lean on if possible while taking pictures. It makes a lot of difference. When I used to fiddle around with my digital camera I used a tripod, but gave that stuff to my daughter. Now I only use my phone, which is almost as good as the camera in some ways except I can’t set it on a tripod, so I try to find something solid I can use to steady my phone with.

12. digitalbrownshirt - August 25, 2016


13. digitalbrownshirt - August 25, 2016

cicada emerging at night photo cicada emerging.jpg

14. digitalbrownshirt - August 25, 2016

I leaned against the wall to get the blur out. Then it swallowed my soul.

15. lauraw - August 25, 2016

Gorgeous, DB!

16. digitalbrownshirt - August 25, 2016

cicada eye to eye photo cicada eye to eye.jpg

Thanks. I think I did these with a Samsung S4 last Summer. I’m surprised what you can do with phone now. It helps if you take a billion pictures too so you can get that one or two good ones out of a session.

17. digitalbrownshirt - August 25, 2016

It looks upside down, but I was actually pointed down on it while leaning against the wall above it. My puppy loves these things.

18. geoff - August 25, 2016

I think I need a safe space.

19. digitalbrownshirt - August 25, 2016

This one was barely bigger than my thumb. The males can produce calls that reach 120 decibels, so you can imagine what having 100’s of the damned things in your neighborhood sounds like. It can be so loud that you would actually have to yell to speak to somebody that’s only a few feet away. An interesting part of cicada biology is the males disable their own tympana while calling which protects them from damaging their hearing with their own calls.

When they molt they’ll attach themselves to a tree, fence, or in this case my house, before escaping their old exoskeletons. The brown thing in the picture is this guy’s previous body. I guess they’re extra bright when they’re wearing new bodies because I rarely see cicadas that look this good. My dogs will eat them if they get a chance. I don’t know if it’s because they taste good or if it’s just to shut them up.

20. Retired Geezer - August 26, 2016

the males disable their own tympana while calling which protects them from damaging their hearing with their own calls.

*geezer stumbles upon money making scheme for heavy metal musicians and bass players.

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