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The Future is Now August 28, 2016

Posted by geoff in News.

…or Life Imitates Art. One of those old catchphrases. Anyway, we now have shades of Knight Rider:

“Kawasaki developing AI motorcycles that can talk with, learn from their riders”

Now, manufacturer Kawasaki wants to give its models one more selling point, by letting riders talk with their motorcycles via an AI program.

The just-announced, still-in-development system is called the Kanjo Enjin, which translates as “Emotion Engine” (though it’s not to be confused with the PlayStation 2 CPU that bore that English name). The goal of the system is to be able to understand and react to motorcyclists’ normal, human speech. Through continued communication, the bike will learn the owner’s amount of motorcycle experience, skill level, and individual riding style.

Conversations won’t be entirely one-sided affairs, either, as the AI will offer suggestions for a safe, enjoyable ride. But what’s likely to have a more direct effect on the riding experience is a planned feature in which after developing a profile of the rider, various vehicle settings will automatically be adjusted accordingly.


1. lauraw - August 29, 2016

I shudder to think what a motorcycle will learn from some of the riders I see on the highway.

2. geoff - August 29, 2016

Then wait until they start talking to each other.

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