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All Roads Lead to IB September 2, 2016

Posted by geoff in News.

Y’all may recall that there was a time when you could type in “innocentbystanders.net” to get here. Sadly we lost that domain name when our founder and spiritual leader, Michael, passed away.

But today I’m happy to announce that through the diligent efforts of our very own luminary* Retired Geezer, we have recaptured the domain name. So you can once again use “innocentbystanders.net” to get here (try it, it’s fun for the whole family!).

Thanks RG!!

-geoff (writing the post that RG should have written)

*see what I did there?**

**’cuz of RG’s former and now somewhat current career***

***as a light man****

****even having done lighting for Mr. Paul Anka***** at one point

*****yes, that’s Mr. Paul Anka of the Paul Anka rant fame******

******he’s also the only important one on the stage*******

*******though RG could have competed if he was on the stage, rather than hovering over it********

********like Michael’s spirit hovers over Kevl’s bushes*********

*********because I prefer to think that Michael’s enjoying the fruits of Paradise right now**********

**********RIP, Michael, innocentbystanders.net is back


1. Cathy - September 2, 2016

Love you guys…

2. Retired Geezer - September 2, 2016

OK, I smiled all through reading that.

geoff rocks!

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