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A Word on Hillary!’s Classified Information Fiasco September 4, 2016

Posted by geoff in News.

A lot of pundits seem to be confused about how classified information works, and they’ve been using that confusion to try to defend Ms. Clinton. They’ve suggested that maybe it wasn’t totally weird for Hillary! to have her own private email system, and that the “accidental” storage of classified info on that system wasn’t a big deal. Which is all bunk.

Let me give you an example that I’m living with right now:

I’m working with a company that’s building widgets for the DoD, so naturally we have to pass solid models, analysis results, and reports back and forth over the internet. But wait! Some government wag decided that the design information should be considered “For Official Use Only,” which means that we can’t simply pass info around. We have to encrypt the hard drives of any computer that stores that information, and we can only do electronic transmissions to and from a protected government server.

This isn’t even classified information. The DoD information hierarchy goes:

  • Unclassified
    • No restrictions
    • For Official Use Only (FOUO)
  • Classified
    • Confidential
    • Secret
    • Top Secret
    • Top Secret/SCI (Sensitive Compartmented Information)

I assume the State Department’s classification scheme is similar. But you can already see that even with unclassified FOUO information, we’re charged with protecting it better than Hillary! protected the Top Secret information

In the case of the emails themselves, you’re supposed to mark the top and bottom of the email with the highest classification of the material in the email, and then mark the beginning of each paragraph with the highest classification of that paragraph. Then you note the source authority of the classification at the bottom of the email:


This is all basic stuff that you’re taught before you are allowed access to classified material. And you can see that it’s very formalized, with strict protocols on marking documents. That care and formalization extends to handling and transmission of documents as well.

Unless you’re Hillary Clinton, who, IMHO, simply couldn’t be bothered learning or following the rules for handling classified information because they were boring and inconvenient. She had deals to cut and power plays to put into action, so she had no time for national security.

If you really want to know how she feels about the importance of classified information, reflect on how many times she’s asked to get to the bottom of the stripping of classification markings by her aides. Yes, the answer is zero.

Because she simply doesn’t care.


1. Sobek - September 5, 2016

Everyone in the country with a clearance knows they would be in jail right now if they did what she did.

2. geoff - September 5, 2016

Yep. It’s like learning to drive, getting your license, and then immediately driving in the wrong lane.

Because you’re Hillary!, and the lane you want is the lane you get.

3. veeshir - September 5, 2016

What gets me is that, after Sandy Berger got away with felonious destruction of things that Hillary! wanted destroyed, people are surprised Clintons are above the law.

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