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Science Finally Starts Talking Sense September 5, 2016

Posted by geoff in News.

Science hits me where I live, by explaining why I’m too lazy to get off the couch to hit the gym or go for a run:

In Harvard Magazine, writer Jonathan Shaw summarizes the recent work of biologist Daniel Lieberman, who has studied the way natural selection has made people both natural-born endurance athletes and natural-born couch potatoes.

The modern human body is shaped for efficient running, what with our “shorter toes and heel bones, and the ability to cool off through sweating,” Shaw writes. And yet there also exists in us — so argues Lieberman — an innate laziness. Shaw explains:

Humans have also been selected to exercise only as much as they must to survive. The ancestors of modern humans lived as hunter-gatherers. In this subsistence lifestyle, food was often scarce, so resting was key to conserving energy for survival and reproduction. In other words, humans were born to run — but as little as possible.

Pretty sure my body has evolved past that “body…shaped for efficient running” to a body more optimized to storing energy resources.

Lots and lots of energy resources.


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