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No More Broncos for Me September 9, 2016

Posted by geoff in News.

Didn’t watch Thursday Night Football last night because I had a feeling that this would happen:

Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall became the latest athlete to kneel during the U.S. national anthem in a protest against social injustice before his team’s game against the Carolina Panthers on Thursday.

Sounds like I missed a great game, but I think I came out ahead by not dealing with the aggravation of seeing it and having to turn off the TV in disgust:

Photo from Yahoo

So what’s it all about? Kaepernick sez:

-Q: You say people are getting murdered by police. You seem to indict all of police.

-KAEPERNICK: There is police brutality. People of color have been targeted by police. So that’s a large part of it. And their government officials. They’re put in place by the government so that’s something that this country has to change.

I don’t really understand this protest, but I think that’s because the athletes (especially Kaepernick) don’t understand this protest either. They are using the national anthem as a protest medium, but the supposed offenses that they’re protesting occur at the state and local level. This is like burning the American flag because you don’t like the policies of your school board.

It would be one thing if the United States had a system of federal laws or federal policies that supported police shootings of innocent, unarmed black people. Then a protest using a national symbol would make sense. But of course there are no such laws or policies.

Kaepernick later expanded his grievance to include all racism, which makes a bit more sense (kind of like the Black Power salute during the 1968 Olympics), although it’s difficult to see what he wants to accomplish. He just has vague sentiments that racism happens, and that’s a bad thing.

Well, he’s right, but: 1) that’s not really news, and 2) protesting using the National Anthem at what is supposedly an apolitical sporting event is the wrong medium at the wrong venue. Even though he claims he’s not insulting the military or all the good things about the country, he doesn’t really get to pick and choose the particular elements of the symbol that he wants to protest. When you sit down during the National Anthem, you’re insulting the entire country and all of its citizens.

So I’m done being insulted, and I’m done watching the country be insulted. No more sports-watching until this stupidity blows over.



1. veeshir - September 9, 2016

although it’s difficult to see what he wants to accomplish.

His jersey sales are skyrocketing so he’s doubling down.

I skipped the beginning because I did not want to see that crap.

The NFL has a serious problem ahead this year, they should have nipped this in the bud but now they’re going to piss off all the wrong people.
They stifle free speech all the time, so saying it’s a ‘free speech’ issue is total BS.

I’m not going to any NFL games this year, the first time in close to 20 years, or buying any NFL crap.

2. I Do Ramble On | doubleplusundead - September 9, 2016

[…] Important Above The Post Update!!!!!!!!! […]

3. vaitguy - September 9, 2016

Hear, hear!

4. digitalbrownshirt - September 10, 2016

In solidarity with his right to free speech I’m refusing to watch a single NFL game for the entire season, including the Super Bowl.

5. Retired Geezer - September 10, 2016

What DBS said.

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