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Suck it, NFL September 12, 2016

Posted by geoff in News.

My boycott is being felt:

Rising or equaling last fall was not what you could say for the SNF kickoff game in the demo in fast affiliates. Last night’s New England Patriots 23-21 win over the Arizona Cardinals was down 18% among adults 18-49 from the September 13, 2015 opener. It is also down 16% from the final numbers of the 2014 SNF opener of September 7 of that year. Viewershipwise, last night’s game pulled in an audience of 20.65 million – also down from last year’s early numbers.


1. geoff - September 12, 2016

Yeah, I pretty much sounded my barbaric yawp, that’s what I did. Look on my boycott, ye mighty, and despair!!

I suppose there might have a few other people who might have contributed.

2. lauraw - September 12, 2016

I’ve been contributing to this boycott my entire life, Johnny-come-lately-bandwagon-jumper!

3. geoff - September 12, 2016

Ahem. That’s “bandwagon-humper.”

4. Jimbro - September 12, 2016

My boycott isn’t the same as yours. I watch the games since I like the game of football. High school, college, NFL, hell, I’ll even watch a CFL game if it’s the only football going on. It’s pretty damn annoying to watch the NFL with its frequent penalties that can’t be resolved quickly or are applied unevenly. I turn the volume way down and pretty much ignore the announcers. That let’s me multitask and look up when I hear the crowd noise and, if I miss a play, the replay covers it. The recent focus on social issues has tested my patience and it remains to be seen if I still watch the NFL after the retirement of Brady-Belicheck.

5. geoff - September 12, 2016

Football’s a great game when it’s allowed to be a game. But they’ve killed my interest.

6. digitalbrownshirt - September 13, 2016

I’m done with the NFL this year, including the Super Bowl, unless they take a hard stand on all the SJW bull crap they’re pushing. I’ll stick to college ball this season.

7. veeshir - September 13, 2016

Last night I flipped over to the game and the first thing I saw was a close-up of two Niners kneeling.

ESPN was highlighting it, they were proud of it.

Good on them.. If you’re going to slap your nation in the face, don’t hide it. Own it. Be proud of it.

If the NFL doesn’t come down hard on this stuff, they’re going to find out why Donald Trump won the GOP primary.
They’ll be playing the role of Jeb Bush in that little morality play..

8. ChrisP - September 13, 2016

I was going to look in on the Seattle HeeHawks, until I heard that they were getting into this.
Fuck ‘EM.
Bunch of millionaires taking “The White Oppressors” money and claiming oppression. There are a LOT more whiteys killed by cops than blacks, though the black population commits a disproportionate number of crimes.
They have no case…

9. lauraw - September 14, 2016

I think it’s a lot of millionaires who simply feel guilty that they have it so good. They are trying to assuage these feelings by expressing some kind of solidarity with the people and neighborhoods with which they do not belong anymore (if ever).

This bears a striking resemblance to white liberal guilt. It might actually be all the same exact thing. Not sure. Don’t care all that much, but it was fun to opine anyway.

Back to Ed in the studio. Take it away, Ed.

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