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On the Occasion of the Charlotte Riots September 22, 2016

Posted by geoff in News.

Sometimes (and much more often of late) it seems like the world is falling apart. From the tepid economy, race riots, terrorist acts, and spate of ridiculously awful crimes in the United States, to the tepid economy, global unrest*, and re-arming of unfriendly countries abroad, the prospects for a nice, quiet, decent lifestyle seem to be dimming.

Compound that with the ridiculous social justice movements**, political correctitude***, assaults on the Constitution****, weakened military*****, and a presidential race that makes one weep, and it’s easy to fall into despair. Inevitable, really.

I don’t have an answer for any of this, other than to dig a hole and pull it in after myself. Or, as Mr. Matamoros is fond of saying, “Climb a tree, cut the soles off my shoes, and learn to play the flute.”

Just thought I’d kvetch.


*Note to President Obama and his Secretaries of State: Massive numbers of refugees are one of the seven warning signs that your foreign policy has tanked. So every time you decide to admit more refugees, it’s an indictment of your policies.

**Notes to SJWs: Your gender identity should not be your defining feature in life. Your willingness to adhere to the SJW code does not make you virtuous. Joining an internet stampede to vilify somebody who happened to misphrase something does not make you a defender of justice.

***Regarding gender pronouns: Everybody’s got a kink, so by PC standards, everybody should get their own pronoun. That’s ridiculous and unworkable, so you’ve got two choices: leave it the way it’s been for all of recorded history, or give everybody the same pronoun.

****They love saying the the Constitution is outdated and irrelevant, but what they mean is that it’s in the way of what they want. It’s just greed and selfishness rationalized by invalidating the Constitution.

*****Note to President Obama and all the other military reformists: The military has one job. One job. That job is to maintain a defensive posture per the National Military Strategy and prevail in any conflicts designated by the US Congress. It’s a tough job, requiring focus, intensity, competence, and courage. It is not police force and it is not a testing ground for social policy. Let the military decide what it needs to do its one job, and get out of its way.


1. vaitguy - September 22, 2016

Two thumbs way up. Tepid economy!

2. geoff - September 22, 2016

I hope it was clear that the first “tepid economy” was in the US, and the second one was abroad.

3. Mr. Matamoros - September 23, 2016

These days it’s more like, “Soak some heroin in a sponge and stick it up my ass.”

4. geoff - September 23, 2016

Richard Fernandez (Wretchard of the Belmont Club) gets it:

Whether at social policy (which yielded riots), health policy (which resulted in Obamacare), or economic policy (which has created unemployment), the administration has shown a willingness to double down on failure. In many and varied contexts, it acts like it’s insane.

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