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Reducing Homicides of African-Americans September 29, 2016

Posted by geoff in News.

A coupla charts from US News & World Report that saved me from having to plot them up myself:

Whites killed by black and blacks killed by whites.

White-on-white and black-on-black homicides

There are some easy conclusions to be drawn from these charts. One is: despite their much lower population, blacks kill as many or more people than whites. A second is: blacks kill more than twice as many whites as whites kill blacks. The last is: if blacks killed other blacks at the same rate as whites kill other whites, it would reduce the number of murders by about 1900, which dwarfs the ~225 black victims of whites.

Similarly, if black killings of whites could be reduced to the rate at which whites kill blacks (based on the killers’ racial identity), the number of whites killed by blacks would be about 50, rather than 500. That saves twice as many lives as if whites’ killings of blacks were completely eliminated.

The elephant in the room. I’m not the first person to call it that, probably by 40 years. But while everybody acknowledges it, and at a meta-level acknowledges that they acknowledge it, they always turn their policy recommendations toward the politically correct issue(?) of black victims of white violence.


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