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Nature’s Most Murderous Mammal October 1, 2016

Posted by geoff in News.

Never turn your back on a meerkat.

Monkeys kill their own kind, as do lions, a few bat species and long-tailed chinchillas. But the bloodiest, most homicidal of more than 1,000 species surveyed is the meerkat.

It turned out that, at about 1 in 5 meerkat deaths due to intraspecies slaying, the little African carnivores stood at the head of the violent class.


A wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Kind of casts some doubt on the premise that humankinds’ violent tendencies can be resolved by empathetic nurture. In your face George Lakoff!


1. digitalbrownshirt - October 2, 2016

Hakuna matata.

2. Retired Geezer - October 2, 2016

lol DBS

3. digitalbrownshirt - October 3, 2016

My daughter thought I was pretty terrible. 🙂

4. NannyG - October 5, 2016

The irony is that they spend so much time guarding their nest from predators.

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