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Get Those Scumbags October 7, 2016

Posted by geoff in News.

I get scam calls from IRS impersonators all the time, to the point where I’m about to give up my landline. So. Flipping. Annoying. And infuriating, when you think about the elderly or uniformed who might fall for it.

Nice to see something being done about it, no matter how small an impact it may have:

Police in India have arrested 70 people on suspicion of posing as IRS agents to steal cash from U.S. citizens.

Authorities in the western Indian city of Thane said they were investigating another 630 people suspected of being involved in the extortion scam.

Workers at nine call centers allegedly impersonated IRS agents during calls to the U.S., according to local police commissioner Param Bir Singh. The victims were told they owed back taxes and would risk arrest if they hung up.

Singh told CNN the call center workers had been trained to speak with an American accent.

The call centers were making $150,000 a day for up to a year before being discovered.

Of course we’ve got this problem at home as well:

Treasury Department investigators have filed criminal complaints against five individuals in three states, accusing them of fleecing nearly $2 million from more than 1,500 victims as part of a scheme to impersonate IRS agents.

According to criminal complaints filed in Minnesota, Arkansas and Texas, the five individuals pretended to be IRS agents, threatening jail time if their victims didn’t pay up.

Round them all up, and then tell the IRS about the undeclared income they received.

They will never sleep again.


1. Jimbro - October 7, 2016

I’ve given up my land line for other reasons and still get the occasional unknown caller. They never leave a message so I really can’t tell whether they’re trying to get me to bite on a scam. I only answer if it’s a known caller which helps.

2. digitalbrownshirt - October 7, 2016

A combination of gullible people and the fact that extortion by the IRS seems believable.

3. Tushar - October 31, 2016

Geoff, those assholes called me too.
I showered them with choicest Hindi curse words, and questioned the characters of their mother, wife, sisters and daughters. They left me alone after that.

4. geoff - November 3, 2016

I showered them with choicest Hindi curse words…

I’m stunned to hear that those exist.

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