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Poof! Goes Yet Another Promise October 14, 2016

Posted by skinbad in Stupid shit, Women Ranting.

And what promise would that be? The promise of, I guess, forty-five years of employment as a cocktail waitress.

The click-bait baited me and I read it. Here’s the title: I Was A Trump Taj Mahal Cocktail Waitress — Here’s Why He Shouldn’t Be President

I thought, OK, what have we got? Groping? Lewd behavior? Sex favors for high rolling friends of The Donald?

This article astounds me—and not in a good way. The author was hired in 1989 at age twenty based on her looks and ability to flirt and not drop drinks and had, according to her, a very good run for twenty years. This included Christmas bonuses, free “five-star cuisine” to eat on breaks, three weeks of paid vacation, and so on. She hung on for another six years as some laughable declines in the casino’s fortunes became apparent—especially the luxurious 2-ply T.P. being downscaled to a peasant-like single ply in the employees’ restrooms, and the free gourmet food becoming “sullen”—you really should read it.

Now losing your health care isn’t laughable, which happened to her in 2014. But it’s almost like there might be other forces at play that contribute to make keeping your doctor and your plan affordable a hard thing to do. Hmmmm. The intro also says she is a union leader. I wonder if it’s possible union requirements could make it hard afford to stay in business.

She wraps it up thusly:

I’m remembering the excitement and anticipation of that 20-year-old girl, standing on that stage among hundreds of perfumed and decorated women. We were promised decent jobs and golden futures. But in the past 26 years, I have personally lived through Trump’s economy. Mine was one of the middle-class jobs Trump created, then subsequently destroyed.

I’ve been with my employer for 22 years. That’s a long time for them to put up with me and for me to put up with them. Isn’t 26 years a pretty good run for someone hired without education, skills or experience? That she wasn’t replaced with a younger version of herself at some point makes me think more highly of Trump’s operation than I ever thought I would. Does she really think “decent jobs and golden futures” is a promise any employer in any sector of the economy can make decades into the future?

Well. I don’t like Donald Trump as a presidential candidate. I think I’ll probably not vote for president. If those who helped Trump secure the nomination were sending me a message, not voting is the message I’m sending back. But, still. There are fair criticisms and there are ridiculous hit-pieces. I know where I’m filing this one.


1. Sobek - October 22, 2016

Donald Trump didn’t make everything about life perfect. Therefore, I will vote for Hillary. Because … reasons.


I swear I don’t understand Americans at all.

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