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Um, Wow October 27, 2016

Posted by Sobek in News.

The Oregon standoff guys were acquitted.

That’s pretty crazy, because a) they did it, and b) everyone saw them do it, because c) it was broadcast all over the country. So my take on the whole thing is that the jury basically wanted to say “Screw you” to the federal government. I don’t see any other angle.

In part, that’s because other proposed angles make no sense to me. “White guys can do what they want with impunity!” Well no, and that argument is especially weak when you compare the number of Occupy Wall Street types who were prosecuted for, um, occupying Wall Street: zero.

The other complaint I’ve seen is that the white guys got off while the Indians in North Dakota are getting prosecuted. But some of those ND protestors are white, so the racism angle doesn’t work, and they’re also on private land, so that comparison doesn’t work.

Another important difference is that this verdict is a decision by citizens. The decisions not to prosecute the Occu-poopers and to arrest the ND protestors were by government officials .

So as I said, I think this is more about anger at the feds than anything. The government has destroyed the confidence of its citizens. We’ll see how that works out.


1. digitalbrownshirt - October 28, 2016

My guess is the exact nature of the crimes they were charged with plus the usual “government acts like it can do anything it wants”. Look at how it ended with marshals tasering a guy in court while the judge is telling them to knock it off. The Bundy’s are clowns, but the part at the end of the trial says a lot about why so many people are “anti-government”. It was a federal trial, then they surprise them with additional federal charges when they can’t get their conviction. No matter who you support here that looks wrong.

Arguing that the Indians got prosecuted doesn’t make any sense because obviously the Bundy crowd got prosecuted too, that’s why there was a trial. For all we know, they might get off too, but comparing two unrelated cases doesn’t matter since they aren’t exactly alike. No two cases are, there’s always a few things different. It might get down to what language the Bundys used in Oregon when they showed up as far as the intimidation of employees charge goes. The gun charges might have fallen through based on witness testimony or technicality of the law they were being prosecuted with.

2. Cathy - October 28, 2016

When I was involved with Tea Party stuff most of the folks there were awesome and well-informed about the Constitution and how our government has been stomping all over liberty and individual rights. HOWEVER there were always people who would take things too far while drawing attention to themselves. Sometimes they were the ones who got all the press, of course.

Some can make a bad name for a cause… but the cause is still valid.

3. digitalbrownshirt - October 28, 2016

I went to a rally years ago where a guy held up a sign saying Timothy McVeigh would approve of the Tea Party. This was in Oklahoma City. There are always people who want to cause havoc. I was glad it didn’t make the news, but I saw it with my own eyes. There certainly were plenty of bigots and racists in the crowd though. The majority of the crowd were just people who were tired of government over reach and corruption.

As far as I know the guy wasn’t harmed, but that’s because I couldn’t get to him from where I was at. I found out later he was one of the local liberal activists who’s hobby was starting crap at conservative or Republican rallies.

4. lauraw - October 28, 2016

The government has destroyed the confidence of its citizens.


5. lauraw - October 28, 2016

…. X 30,000 destroyed records.

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