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What’s Wrong With This Picture November 23, 2016

Posted by geoff in News.

This picture has been running around the internet for the past few days:

This graffiti appeared at the Adam Yauch Park in New York, and is being used as evidence of a hate crime and “…more hatred & anti-Semitism from Trump supporters.

Awful, if true. But I’m very suspicious that this is yet another case of liberals trying to gin up controversy where none exists. There are three reasons for my suspicions:

  1. Trump supporters don’t think of themselves as Nazis. It’s liberals who think of Trump supporters as Nazis.
  2. If it was a Nazi, we should note that the number of Nazis in the United States is, thankfully, tiny (just read an article this past week where they were estimated it at 3000 – 30,000, but I can’t find it). I suspect the number in New York City is pretty much zero.
  3. If it was a real-live Trump-supporting Nazi unicorn, I doubt they would have screwed up the swastikas like the perpetrator did. I would think Nazis would have had a lot of practice at that.

We’ve seen incident after incident (there’s one on Ace’s sidebar today) where liberals have faked racist or sexist or white supremacist hate crimes. The style of those hate crimes is generally based on their fanciful notions of the twisted evils of Trump voters – hence the prevalence of Nazi and KKK references in these fabricated incidents.

It’s ironic that their fears of a world where hate crimes are prevalent have driven them to increase the prevalence of hate crimes.


1. digitalbrownshirt - November 23, 2016

It could go either way. The kind of people that would do something like this probably aren’t too bright. Remember the guys that spray painted a church a few years ago with “Hail Satin” as one of their attempts to please the dark overlord? Yes, they spelled Satan wrong and they claimed to be Satanists. If I remember correctly they looked like a real world Beavis and Butthead in their pictures.

2. Jimbro - November 23, 2016

It struck me as a false flag incident when I read it. The surprising number of these unfolding within days of Trump being elected is probably a combination of deliberately fake ones, unfortunate genuine crimes and the usual gang of idiots wanting to jump on a trend. The number of genuine crimes must be last in incidence.

3. Jimbro - November 23, 2016

Plus, the backwards swastika symbol…

What do you call a couple of dyslexic Nazis in a van?


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