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Nope, Still Not Done Enjoying This Yet December 16, 2016

Posted by lauraw in News.

Gloaterrific Stoatericious

Ms. Weasel has a series of tasty p-shops that make this cynical old hunchback giggle with gloatish glee.

I love them. Just. Love.

And I’m still so proud of the American people for rejecting that criminal. She will not be able to sell Presidential influence and literally loot the White House one more time.

Trump has a lot of defects, but this is his greatest strength: He’s not her.


Contrary to some of my cherished commenters, I’m confident in saying this woman will never, ever be president. Any chicanery big enough to put her in office would probably result in a civil war.



1. lauraw - December 16, 2016

I think the Dems actually thought people forgot what a shitty first lady she was.
Remember. “Co-president.” The nerve. Making firing decisions in the White House, as if anybody had ever voted for her.

The articles during this campaign which were designed to revise history and remediate her image were laughable. Here’s one such quote from Politifact:

Add that up and the government got back $134,000 out of the $190,000 the Clinton’s had declared as gifts. But as an indication of how hard it is to determine ownership, the National Park Service, which oversees the White House property, later returned a chair and an ottoman to the Clintons.

If I steal your whole house worth of furniture and you get it back, then you kick back just a chair to me, I STILL STOLE ALL THAT OTHER SHIT. How fucking stupid they think people are. No, it’s not “hard to determine ownership” of all that other shit: she stole it.

They think we don’t remember how sleazy the Clintons were. Most people are old enough to remember first hand. We don’t read an article twenty years later and revise our memories.

Fuck you, media. Eat dick.

2. geoff - December 16, 2016

The corollary: Her vagina will never be the presidential vagina.

3. geoff - December 16, 2016
4. retiredgeezer - December 16, 2016

I can’t view geoff’s link

5. geoff - December 16, 2016


6. Mark in NJ - December 16, 2016

Gloat on, Gloteus Maximus! — those photoshops *are* pretty funny.

Lotta dicks & vaginas in the Comments section, though. But I guess that’s what passes for political intercourse in the Trump era.

7. geoff - December 16, 2016

But I guess that’s what passes for political intercourse in the Trump era.

It certainly did in the Bush era.

8. lauraw - December 16, 2016

Yeah, I remember some Obama fundraiser or event where Whoopi Goldberg was pointing to her nethers every time she said President Bush’s name. Jugears was yukking away every time she did it.

9. Mark in NJ - December 16, 2016

I thought Geoff was talking about Billy Bush

10. ChrisP - December 16, 2016

People wander into my garage and see the “Impeach Hillary” sticker on my aircraft roll-around tool chest.
They are surprised to hear that it’s 24 years old…

11. geoff - December 16, 2016


Which makes me have mixed feelings about those recent scientific results involving rejuvenating cells.

12. geoff - December 16, 2016

Somehow missed this lauraw comment from the manatee post 3 months ago:

Like a manatee cowboy
Riding on a seacow in an illegal rodeo

Like a manatee cowboy
Get reported to cops by people I don’t even know

Cracks me up. Especially since my sibs and I sing that song every time we get together and have a few (with the original lyrics, more or less)

13. lauraw - December 20, 2016

Really?? Sounds like a fun family.

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