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Must-Have Fashion Accessory December 20, 2016

Posted by geoff in Fashion.

More fashion tips for you sad little shut-ins. I can only imagine the gratitude on your puckish faces for another exciting and informative post in my widely acclaimed series on fashion.

Today it’s all about fashion accessories, where, as usual, the Japanese have taken the lead into heretofore unexplored territory.

Check it (below the fold):

Well, no one ever said that fashion accessories had to positively enhance one’s appearance.

…or maybe they did and I just missed that subtle point.


1. OBF - December 21, 2016

Looks like a dung beetle. Gives more meaning to s—t head.

2. lauraw - December 21, 2016

Fffft! Copycat sumbitches. I’ve been thrusting large insects through my various bodily flaps since 1994.

The earrings…..are made in the shape of kabutomushi, or the Japanese rhinoceros beetle, one of the most popular insects in Japan.

Wait..these are ‘popular’ insects in Japan? Do these people not have butterflies?

3. Sobek - December 21, 2016

Butterflies are all, “ooh, look at me, I’m a butterfly!” Rhinoceros beetles are way more down to earth. You know they got your back in the clutch.

4. geoff - December 22, 2016

Do you wear the rhinoceros beetle, or does the rhinoceros beetle wear you?

*nods sagely*

Makes you think, doesn’t it.

5. lauraw - December 22, 2016

Eh, if a bug is popular in Japan, it’s probably food. This might be akin to having a chicken wing or a prawn earring.

Mmmmm, chicken wing earring…

6. retiredgeezer - December 22, 2016

*hopes lauraw loads up a porcupine into a shotgun and shoots someone*

7. geoff - December 23, 2016

Sure, that sounds fun, until she pokes 10,000 people’s eyes out.

8. lauraw - December 23, 2016

Wow, I forgot about the porcupine gun. Good times. What thread was that from?

9. geoff - December 23, 2016
10. lauraw - December 23, 2016

Oh, wow. Thanks geoff.


11. Sobek - December 24, 2016

Speaking of throwbacks to old posts, I found this while looking for something unrelated:


As I read through that, I kept asking, out loud, “Holy crap, what the heck is wrong with me?!”

12. lauraw - December 24, 2016

I still miss Emo Pea.

13. Sobek - December 24, 2016

Me, too. I’m super sad I lost that picture. No idea why WordPress lost it.

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