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Godzilla Christmas, 2016 December 24, 2016

Posted by geoff in Godzilla, Pop Culture, Stupid shit.

It’s almost unavoidable. When you’re caught up in the hubbub of shopping, cooking, cleaning, and worshiping in your preferred way, it’s easy to forget that every year Carleton releases a commemorative Godzilla ornament. But I never forget, because Godzilla, with his atomic breath and city-destroying habits, reminds you to celebrate life amid the tragedy and suffering we wade through all year.

…plus they make really cool noises.

So please to enjoy the Godzilla family (together with last year’s King Ghidorah):


The new kid is in the back row, 2nd from the left. Here’s a closeup, courtesy of Amazon:

2016 Godzilla - Carlton Heirloom Ornament

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!!


1. geoff - December 24, 2016

Oh baby – I have always been missing the 2005 ornament, because it was selling on eBay for $125+. But today I found it for $65, so I leapt upon it. Soon the collection will be complete.


2. Mark in NJ - December 24, 2016

Beautiful collection, geoff – and congratulations on scoring the 2005. Merry Christmas!

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