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Why Nobody Likes Reporters, a Continuing Series December 24, 2016

Posted by Sobek in News.

Montana’s sole US Representative, Ryan Zinke, was tapped to be Trump’s new Secretary of the Interior.  That means Montana will have a special election (assuming Zinke is confirmed, and I see no reason why he wouldn’t be).  The Billings Gazette published a straight-news article discussing six Republicans who either said they were interested in running for the spot, or who said they weren’t ruling it out.  That article also said no Democrats had announced, and even quoted some who said, in effect, “what’s the point?  We’d get our butts kicked in the current political climate.”  Very possibly true, although Montana did just re-elect a Democratic governor in the same year that Trump took the state and Zinke crushed his Democratic challenger.

A day or two later (12/21), the Gazette published another piece that said Democratic state legislator Amanda Curtis was interested in running for the spot.  The same article also mentioned that two other Republicans had said they were interested.  The majority of the article was about Curtis, and the other two Republicans got brief mentions at the end of a long article.  But whatever, I’m not here to complain about word count.

Rather, I want to mention that today (12/24), the Gazette did another piece on Curtis.  Or rather, they published a piece written by a writer for the Montana Standard (owned by the same company that publishes the Gazette).  Here’s where my complaint comes in.  This is a 1,000+ word campaign ad that looks like a straight news piece.  The headline is “Experience of Senate Run Could Help Curtis in a Race for Zinke Seat,” which I suppose is true, even if not exactly news.  There isn’t a single word of criticism in the article.  No mentions, for example, that she thinks wearing tampon earrings is a pretty good idea.  They spin the fact that she got humiliatingly crushed in her last statewide race by saying, “Despite these obstacles and some mailers and ‘fake news’ that accused Curtis of being a communist, the Butte legislator garnered 40 percent of the popular vote…”  Ah yes, complaining about “fake news” in an allegedly straight-news article that’s really an in-kind campaign contribution.

See, that’s why newspapers are a dying industry, Gazette.  You are utterly incapable of learning from your mistakes.  Americans don’t trust you, because you habitually flush your credibility down the toilet.

Oh, and I can’t comment on the Gazette’s sins directly because they recently disabled all of their comments.  Nice.

Incidentally, any whitewash of Curtis should probably go towards explaining the stuff in this video:

FYI, noting out loud that she has crazy eyes is sexist.


1. lauraw - December 25, 2016

This is a 1,000+ word campaign ad that looks like a straight news piece.

In mainstream political news sources, this is a needle in a needlestack.

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