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Cheap Solar Power At Last? January 2, 2017

Posted by geoff in News.

Bloomberg claims that solar power may be cheaper than coal-based power by 2024. That’s excellent news, if true, but it seems a bit optimistic (as do their wind power price predictions). Here’s their projection:


1. James Thornton - January 8, 2017

Solar might be great in places like Arizona. Wind power works in windy places. But here in Kentucky we don’t have as much sun or wind … But lots and lots of coal. Hence, the low electricity price.

2. retiredgeezer - January 8, 2017

We have lots of wind turbines scattered around the spud state.

Don’t see them turning much.

3. geoff - January 8, 2017

I’m a believer in letting the real economics of power technologies dictate the choice. If solar power is truly cost-competitive, then I’ll be happy to install it (I live in Colorado, so plenty o’ sun). I like the idea of being grid-independent, and don’t mind helping the environment (of course, adopting solar power doesn’t help China’s environment much, but that’s what they get for destroying our solar panel industry). But so far, even with subsidies, it hasn’t made much sense.

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